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Monday, December 05, 2011

Oracle Releases "MySQL: A guide to High Availability Solutions"

Oracle Releases "MySQL: A guide to High Availability Solutions". There are several commonly accepted requirements in order to be called a "Guide" such as be informative and attempt to include all of the solutions available.

Oracle's so-called Guide missed all of the above it failed to include:

1. Continuent Tungsten HA
2. Schooner Replication
3. Red Hat Cluster
4. VCS
5. Percona MMM

But the so-called Guide did not stop there, "The Guide" also miserably fails to even attempt to be informative. It briefly describes solutions already widely known such as replications and MySQL Cluster - Wooo Hoo we have known about those some some time now ...ahhh nearly a decade.

Instead the guide goes into page filling "blah...blah" about causes of failures and meaningless charts. No mention about the best practices or even practical approach to HA.

In conclusion "The Guide" is not a Guide at all but rather a weak sales brochure.

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