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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Microsoft, Skype and PostgreSQL

So Microsoft goes out and buys Skype - probably not a very wise move for the company that currently focused primarily on suing various companies over "patent infringements". Ok all the patents lawsuits aside they have themselves Skype that in turn runs on PostgreSQL and consequently on some flavor of Linux.

Hmmm a tough one - "To migrate or Not To Migrate?!" - that is the question...

By "migrate" I mean from trusted and proved Linux/Postgres combination to Windows (that btw can barely run my laptop and that is after twenty years into the development!) and SQLServer.

The answer if you have any common sense is a very simple and short - NO. But when last time have you seen any common sense come out of Redmond? This is the same company that requires users to push a "Start" button in order to shutdown the operating system.

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