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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Use FNDCPASS utility to change Oracle Apps passwords

FNDCPASS is an EBS tool to change passwords of database schema's within the Oracle EBS. For example, you can change the APPS password using FNDCPASS, but also any other schema in the EBS database. FNDCPASS can also be used to change the password of an application user (like sysadmin).

To change the APPS password use...
FNDCPASS apps/*** 0 Y system/***** SYSTEM APPLSYS [new_password]

To change any other schema...
FNDCPASS apps/**** 0 Y system/***** ORACLE GL [new_password]

To change the password of a application user
FNDCPASS apps/*** 0 Y system/****** USER SYSADMIN [new_password]

When changing the password of all schemas in the database, you have a lot off FNDCPASS to do...there are almost 200 schemas in the EBS database that need to be changed. Default the password is schema name, so gl/gl and ap/ap...

When installing patch 4676589 (11i.ATG_PF.H Rollup 4) a new feature is added to FNDCPASS. Now you can use the ALLORACLE functionality to change all the schema passwords in one FNDCPASS.

Here is what I did to use the new FNDCPASS feature...

1. install AD: Patch 11i.AD.I.4 (patch 4712852)
2. install patch 5452096
Purging timing information for prior sessions.
sqlplus -s APPS/***** @/appl/prodappl/ad/11.5.0/admin/sql/adtpurge.sql 10 1000
Spawned Process 17504
Done purging timing information for prior sessions.
AutoPatch is complete.
AutoPatch may have written informational messages to the file/appl/prodappl/admin/prod/log/u5452096.lgi
Errors and warnings are listed in the log file/appl/prodappl/admin/prod/log/u5452096.log
and in other log files in the same directory.
3. run the Technology Stack Validation Utility
[oracle@ebs2 bin]$ ./ -script=ValidateRollup -outfile=$APPLTMP/txkValidateRollup.html -appspass=apps
***STDOUT /appl/prodcomn/rgf/prod_ebs2/TXK/txkValidateRollup_Mon_Jan_8_stdout.log
Reportfile /appl/prodcomn/temp/txkValidateRollup.html generated successfully.
4. run autoconfig
5. apply patch 4676589 (11i.ATG_PF.H Rollup 4, Applications Technology Family)
6. After the install
7. apply patch 3865683 (AD: Release 11.5.10 Products Name Patch)
8. apply patch 4583125 (Oracle XML Parser for Java) see note 271148.1

Verify if the upgrade has been successful..
[oracle@ebs2 java]$ unzip -l grep 9.0.4
0 04-19-03 02:10 .xdkjava_version_9.
[oracle@ebs2 java]$
if there is an xdkjava_version_9. entry, then XML parser is installed.
9. run autoconfig
10. disable maintenance mode (via adadmin)
Change Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode is currently: [Enabled].
Maintenance mode should normally be enabled when patchingOracle Applications and disabled when users are logged onto the system. See the Oracle Applications MaintenanceUtilities manual for more information about maintenance mode.
Please select an option:
1. Enable Maintenance Mode
2. Disable Maintenance Mode
3. Return to Main Menu

Enter your choice [3] : 2
sqlplus -s &un_apps/***** @/appl/prodappl/ad/11.5.0/patch/115/sql/adsetmmd.sql DISABLE
Successfully disabled Maintenance Mode.

Now try the new FNDCPASS function..

[oracle@ebs2 prod_ebs2]$ FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager ALLORACLE WELCOME
Log filename : L2726002.log
Report filename : O2726002.out
[oracle@ebs2 prod_ebs2]$
[oracle@ebs2 prod_ebs2]$ sqlplus apps/apps
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Mon Jan 15 08:50:39 2007
(c) Copyright 1999 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Connected to:
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
SQL> conn gl/welcome
SQL> conn ap/welcome

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